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On Forkytom you can ask any query about any product that you use in your daily life, and share any interesting talk viz. New releases, Tips, Tricks, Fixes, Common knowledge etc.
Forkytom loves acorns and also those who have them.
Acorn is the reward you get for your contribution at Forkytom. More acorns you have, more reputation you earn in the Forkytom users' community. We reward top contributors with a T-Shirt.
How to earn acorns on Forkytom?
1. Stay active and contribute to Forkytom community.
2. Do not spam or you will loose some acorns.
3. Invite friends to join forkytom and earn lots of acorns.
Win Forkytom goodies
Activity # of acorns
Successful referral 100
Signup 50
Asking a query 50
Creating a talk 10
Solving a query 50
Adding a product to I use 10
Talk marked as interesting 10
Current Leaderboard
Users, who have earned 5000 acorns, will have a chance to win a Forkytom Acorn T-Shirt.
# Username Acorns
1 SDP 3161
2 SoundMan 2738
3 tRex 2707
4 PioneerIndia 1663
5 rahulrsawant 1410
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